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EXILE Giveaway Winner

Guys, you all know how excited I was to meet Shannon Messenger last week, and I have to say she was absolutely lovely in person. It was a straight signing, so she didn’t give any remarks, but there wasn’t a huge crowd (probably because she had two other events while she was in St. Louis), which meant we got to stand around and chat once she got through the line. It was fun to see her younger fans come dressed up in Sophie’s cape, bearing gift baskets, fan art, and signs. As a writer, I hope to someday connect with fans that way. Here’s hoping.

IMG_0704I know you want to know who won the signed copy and swag Shannon lavished on everyone who came, but first, I have to share a picture. The book on the left is the one the winner receives, along with bookmarks and a limited edition Iggy drawing by Shannon herself. I’m keeping the one on the right. It has my name in it anyway :).

Oh, you want to know who won, right?


According to, the winner is …

*more drumroll*

Kip Wilson Rechea!

Yay, Kip! I’ll be in touch to get your book in the mail. And for those who didn’t win, make sure you pick up a copy on your own. It’s soooo good!

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