As Seen on Evie (YA Contemporary)

Status: Completed
Category and Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count: 60,000

The Truman Show meets SOMETHING REAL in AS SEEN ON EVIE, a 60,000-word contemporary young adult novel about the unsuspecting star of the longest-running reality show on the planet—and the boy hired to raise ratings as her long-lost, bi-racial half-brother.

Sixteen-year-old Evie Girard has no idea millions of viewers tune in every day to watch her sit through Trig and sing solos using her hairbrush as a microphone. Or that her “anonymous” blog has significantly more than the three hundred twenty-seven followers producers allow her to see. She dreams of someday leaving her California seaside town; if only she could overcome her mother’s agoraphobia about the outside world.

Teen actor Justin Fisher takes on the role to shake up Evie’s life, but once he meets her, he’d much rather play Evie’s love interest than her brother. As the producers drag out the sibling reveal, Justin must decide what’s more important: his career or telling Evie she’s the poster child for reality TV.

Told in dual points of view, AS SEEN ON EVIE alternates between two timelines—Justin as he meets and falls for Evie, and Evie six months after they meet. It’s intended as the first book in a series.

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