As Seen on Evie (YA Contemporary)

Status: Completed
Category and Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count: 74,000

Seventeen-year-old Evie Girard is the unsuspecting star of the longest-running reality show on the planet. When As Seen on Evie is canceled and she discovers her entire life is fiction, all Evie wants is someone who’ll be completely honest with her.

That’s definitely not teen actor Justin Fisher. A year ago, Evie fell for him, only to be told he was her half-brother. (Lie number one.) Then he DIED. (Lie number two.) Justin claims the producers killed him off for threatening to expose the show. (Lie number three?) Either way, she needs help escaping her backstabbing parents, and Justin is better than, say, the fan club of boys who follow her around school singing. In harmony.

Or is he? The longer they’re on the road, the more Evie realizes Justin still has secrets. Another betrayal may break more than her heart; it might destroy the newfound privacy she’s so desperate to protect.

AS SEEN ON EVIE is a 74,000-word contemporary young adult twist on The Truman Show that will appeal to fans of Heather Demetrios’ SOMETHING REAL. Told from Evie and Justin’s viewpoints, the novel incorporates alternating timelines that ultimately merge.

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