Catch Him By Disguise (YA Contemporary)

Status: Complete
Category and Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count: 68,000

One point four seconds. That’s how long it took sixteen-year-old Hannah Davies’ stunt-loving younger brother, Matt, to hit the dumpster. Twenty-three days later, he still hasn’t woken up.

Will Elliot says Matt jumped.

Hannah doesn’t believe Will, and her search for the truth leads to a chilling discovery: Will didn’t just witness Matt’s fall. He caused it. Even if she could get someone to believe her, Will’s hotshot attorney dad would get him off before Hannah could put her mad mock trial skills to use and object.

Matt might wake up and tell everyone the truth. But if he dies, everyone will believe he killed himself. Not on Hannah’s watch. To gather the evidence that will prove Will’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, she trails him to summer camp in a disguise so un-Hannah he’ll never recognize her as Matt’s sister: a boy.

It’s the perfect way to catch Will—as long as no one catches Hannah first.

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