The Music Steals Your Soul (YA Contemporary Fantasy)

Status: Revising (previously titled DUET WITH THE DEVIL’S VIOLIN; see this post and this one)
Category and Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Word count: 68,000

Fifteen-year-old violin prodigy Miranda Harper has had a single goal since age nine: perfection. According to her parents—and the therapist they hired after a minor incident practicing her fingers raw—perfection’s impossible. When Miranda’s new violin grants her true perfection while playing “Ride of the Valkyries,” it also sweeps her into a flying chariot with a Valkyrie. So apparently the world of possibility’s more symphonically brilliant than her parents imagine.

Miranda’s best friend, Lizzie, worries the violin is possessed, but Miranda refuses to believe it holds dark magic. Admittedly a few of the side effects are disturbing, like draining her energy and a souvenir injury from a trip into Psycho (she totally gets the screeching violins now!). But perfection is worth anything. The violin knows what’s best for her. It even points her toward a perfect, older guy who understands her music instead of the boy who’d clearly distract her.

She’s in control of the violin, no matter what Lizzie thinks. Or … maybe not. As Miranda dabbles in increasingly dangerous trips into the music, she discovers the price of perfection may be more than she’s willing to pay. If she can’t resist its pull, she’ll be trapped in some crazy composer’s imagined world forever.

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