My Second Impression of You

ISBN 13: 9781547604128
Ages 12 and up
Young Adult / Romance / Contemporary / Friendship / Theater & Musicals / Computers & Digital Media

Cover Artist: Jacqueline Li
Designer: Jeanette Levy

Publisher: Bloomsbury YA
Release Date: Sept. 20, 2022

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Sometimes things look different the second time around.

Sixteen-year-old Maggie Scott is a little dramatic. Both in the over-the-top sense and in the involved-in-every-possible-performing-arts-activity sense. Life is just more fun when you’re always putting on a show! But apparently her boyfriend, Theo, disagrees, because he unexpectedly dumps her. She’s so distressed she breaks her foot, has to be rescued by the most obnoxious boy in school, Carson, and can no longer star in the school play.

Now everything is terrible and Maggie doesn’t understand where it all went wrong. So when she gets a mysterious text from an unknown number offering her a chance to relive the day when she and Theo met, Maggie can’t help clicking (even though she knows what they say about suspicious links and clicking). Suddenly, she finds herself transported from her worst day ever to her best day ever–but on second review, Maggie realizes there are some details she overlooked. Maybe she was so focused on starring in the Maggie show that she didn’t pay enough attention. Maybe Maggie doesn’t know the people around her as well as she thought–particularly Carson. And maybe her worst day ever isn’t quite as terrible as it seems.

In this funny and relatable YA romcom, Michelle I. Mason explores how there’s always another way of looking at the situations we find ourselves in . . . and sometimes the people we overlook end up being the best ones of all.


“A magical app gives Maggie insight into the hearts and minds of her friends and family. … Maggie is a well-developed character whose journey to self-knowledge is believable and earned. … Equal parts sweet romance and thought-provoking story of self-discovery.
Kirkus Reviews

“A sweet and swoony story about first love, second chances, and the choices we make, MY SECOND IMPRESSION OF YOU captured my theater-loving heart from the first page and will stay with me long after the last. I loved it!”

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