The Dexelon Twincident (MG Sci-Fi Adventure)

Status: Complete
Category and Genre: Middle Grade Sci-Fi Adventure
Word Count: 50,000

Twelve-year-old black belt-in-training Luna “Harry” Coventry has a lot of theories about what happened to her missing mom and twin, Celeste. Kidnapping. Brainwashing. Murder. It’s a lifelong mystery she’s almost given up on solving, until a head injury triggers a freaky twin connection that gives Harry a glimpse of Celeste’s life.

Now that she knows Celeste and her mom are alive, Harry will do anything to recreate the twin link and figure out where they’ve been the past twelve years. But when Harry briefly switches bodies with Celeste during a ritual, she discovers the truth is crazier than she could have imagined. Because Celeste’s world? Definitely not Earth.

A galaxy away, Celeste is reeling from the news that she’s an Earth Dweller—something no one bothered to tell her—but there’s a lot more at stake than her identity crisis. Because Dexelon’s number one priority is hiding its existence from Earth, and thanks to her connection with Harry, Celeste just became a serious threat. One Dexelon won’t hesitate to eliminate.

Too bad Harry’s black belt training didn’t cover how to stage an intergalactic search and rescue.

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