Your Secret’s Not Safe with Me (YA Humorous Suspense)

Status: Complete
Category and Genre: Young Adult Humorous Suspense
Word Count: 70,000

KILL THE BOY BAND meets Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead in YOUR SECRET’S NOT SAFE WITH ME, a 70,000-word humorous YA suspense.

It’s no secret seventeen-year-old Dora Lockhart has a temper, but so far her worst offense is a work suspension for dumping a blue raspberry slush in her ex’s lap (totally worth it). Thank the almighty Thin Mint she’s leaving for two glorious, ex-free weeks in the wilderness, backpacking and canoeing with other advanced Girl Scouts.

Or not. Just before leaving on their own trip, her parents insist she stay home with her fifteen-year-old brother, Sam—and a babysitter. A few days later, Dora finds the babysitter dead in the kitchen, Dora’s own fishing knife lying in a pool of blood beside the lady’s gaping neck wound. To make things worse, ten minutes earlier Dora sent the babysitter a text threatening to “bury” her (long story).

Dora can’t gamble her freedom on the police believing it’s just epically bad timing. So, like any responsible Girl Scout, she cleans up the kitchen … by stuffing the babysitter’s body in the downstairs freezer. Now she and Sam must figure out who really killed the babysitter before Dora ends up in jail–or her parents return and find the body on ice in the basement.