Your Secret’s Not Safe with Me (YA Suspense)

Status: Complete
Category and Genre: Young Adult Suspense
Word Count: 70,000

YOUR SECRET’S NOT SAFE WITH ME combines the premise of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead with the dark humor and escalating poor choices of KILL THE BOY BAND.

Seventeen-year-old Dora Lockhart can’t wait for her parents to cruise off around the world. Bon voyage. She has her own epic plans—a wilderness adventure for advanced Girl Scouts that includes backpacking and canoeing. It’ll be the summer of her dreams.

Or not. Just before leaving, Dora’s parents veto her trip, insisting she stay home with her fifteen-year-old brother, Sam, and the babysitter they’ve hired. Forget that. Dora’s so going on her trip anyway. Except the babysitter, Marie, viciously foils Dora’s escape plan. In a furious text exchange, Dora swears she’ll “bury” her.

But when Dora returns home to find Marie dead in the kitchen, her own fishing knife the culprit for Marie’s neck wound, Dora knows she’s screwed. Convinced someone’s trying to frame her for murder, Dora begs Sam to help her stuff Marie’s body in the basement freezer (because panic!), and they run away to hide in an abandoned cabin in the Ozarks. She’s in major violation of the Girl Scout Law—and maybe for nothing. Because Dora receives a text from the dead babysitter’s phone: Your secret’s not safe with me. Now she and Sam must figure out whether Marie’s a walking icicle or the killer’s playing a seriously disturbed prank on them before they end up on ice too.