Twitter Pitch Party, Anyone?

Now that the agent round of “The Writers Voice” is over, I’m turning my attention to Thursday’s “The Writers Voice” Twitter Pitch Party. Basically, you post your pitch between 12-6 p.m. EDT on Thursday, and agents will request from it. If more than one agent requests, you have to pick one. Click here for more info, but I think it’s now up to five agents participating.

If you didn’t see Becca C.’s post about Building Your Twitter Pitch, go read it now! She compiled excellent advice from multiple agents and writing experts. I couldn’t have said it any better, so I won’t try.

It’s so hard to convey plot, character, stakes and voice in just 140 characters–134 with the required hashtag (#WVTP). It’s different than a one-sentence pitch. You can be creative with the format and punctuation to an extent. The point is to make the best use of the character limit. Most of all, the pitch needs to make someone want to read it.

I’d love to get your feedback on my Twitter pitch, but I’m also opening up the comments to anyone else who wants feedback. I’ll post mine first. Let’s polish those Twitter pitches!

Responses to “Twitter Pitch Party, Anyone?”

  1. Michelle Mason

    Here’s mine:
    MG: Whisked into the music, Miranda must control her trips or be stuck forever in an alternate reality. Valkyries? Ok. Psycho? Not ok. #WVTP

  2. Kristen Wixted

    I think “control her trips” is a little vague. I’ve read your whole query and I’m still not sure I get it. But “be stuck forever in an alternate reality” is really good wording.

    I was just about to post the same idea–one more place for people to practice–so I’ve linked to this post. Hope you don’t mind.

    Here’s my pitch:
    #WVTP MG fantasy: Having a secret friend who lives in 1872 is the best, until Eve finds out Jane’s planning to board a ship…that’s doomed.

    I have 2 but I think this one’s the better one.
    Good luck!

      • Michelle Mason

        Good to know. How about this version?
        MG: Whisked into the music, Miranda’s ok with Ride of the Valkyries. But Psycho? Being stuck forever in an alternate reality? Not ok. #WVTP

          • Michelle Mason

            Ok, which of these is better? One I modified from the version Krista used.

            MG: Whisked into the music, Miranda’s ok w/Ride of the Valkyries. Not ok? Psycho. Worse—being stuck forever in an alternate reality. #WVTP

            This MG whisks a violin prodigy into a musical alternate reality she may not escape. Ride of the Valkyries? Cool. Psycho? Not cool. #WVTP

    • Michelle Mason

      Thanks for the feedback! New version below, and it’s great that you’re linking to my post. I hope a lot of people stop by.

      I remember your query from the first round and thought it sounded great. I do like this Twitter pitch better (I hopped to your blog to see the other). It’s intriguing and definitely gets the stakes across, but I don’t get the time travel part in this version. You could probably drop fantasy from your genre description to give you some more characters for that first phrase. Maybe something like: “#WVTP MG: Eve’s time-hopping friendship with a girl in 1872 is the best, until Eve finds out Jane’s planning to board a ship that’s doomed.” Obviously in your words, though. Good luck!

      • Kristen Wixted

        Thanks for the feedback, Michelle! I came up with this, based on all the comments here and on my blog. Will it satisfy?
        #WVTP MG: A magic diary leads Eve to a friend in 1872 which is the best, until Eve finds out her friend will board a ship…that’s doomed.
        Very similar to your suggestion, actually.

        • Michelle Mason

          Much stronger! I like everything except the phrase “which is the best.” It’s a bit awkward. Maybe a different word? “A magic diary leads Eve to a friend in 1872, which is awesome until Eve finds out her friend will board a ship that’s doomed.” I don’t think you need the ellipses, but they don’t hurt anything either.

  3. KateBrauning

    Michelle- I like this new version, but the two back-to-back questions threw me a bit. Can you combine the two so they are one idea?

    Here’s mine! All thoughts welcome 🙂
    Rescued by Greek gods, lonely Ava finds her selflessness is key to defeating Ares before he & his witches massacre everyone she loves #WVTP

    • Michelle Mason

      Thanks, Kate! Yours sounds very interesting, and the stakes are good, but are you giving away your ending by stating that her selflessness is key? You could just say “Ava must defeat Ares before…” Also, with agents that cover various genres, it would be helpful to at least give an age for the story. Is it YA or adult? You could drop “lonely” to pick up more characters. Good luck!

  4. Amy Rose

    Good job on the revised pitch! 🙂 Mine is pretty lame, but here goes:

    Callie is 17 and on her way to becoming a pro drag racer but risks her dreams and love for the deadly world of street racing.

    • Michelle Mason

      Not lame at all! However, I would like more voice in it. You have so much in your query letter. Also, the love interest is buried here, and it seems like he’s vital to the story. You could probably condense what you have here and still have room for something else. For example, a good portion of it could be summed up in: 17yo Callie risks her pro drag racer dreams for the deadly street-racing world… Then you’d have room to put in a bit more about the love interest. Either way, I think this concept stands out – not a lot of YA stories about girl drag racers!

  5. Kristen Wixted

    I completely agree about the drag racing girls. I loved yours in the writers’ voice, Amy. Let us see what you do with it.
    I’ll be back.


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