A Call for a Few Good Readers

Hello, lovely readers!

I’ve never done this before on the blog, but I’m at the point in my writing journey where I don’t want to leave any stone unturned before I send out a manuscript. I’ve been through 2 1/2 rounds of critiques (I had one person read the first 90 pages before the first official round), and I’m ready for a third round. I’ve worked out a lot of kinks, but as we all know, when you fix one issue, you sometimes open up others, so I’m looking for a few good readers :). Specifically:

  • I have one reader lined up for the third round but would love at least one more person who could read the full manuscript.
  • I’m hoping this will be my last round (although it’s completely fine if I still need to go another), and if that’s the case, I’ll be ready to query around the end of June, when there won’t be any convenient contests to test my first pages. So, I would also love to have a few people to critique my first five pages.
  • Or, if there’s anyone out there who can’t do a full MS critique but would be up for the ten to twenty pages that accompany a query, that would be great, too.
  • Finally, I feel pretty solid with my query as I’ve already vetted it, but I’ve yet to put my synopsis out there.

I appreciate any and all assistance as I put the finishing touches on this manuscript! Here is the query to give you a sense of what you would be getting yourself into:

One point four seconds. That’s how long it took sixteen-year-old Hannah Davies’ younger brother to hit the dumpster.

Will Elliot says Matt jumped.

Hannah doesn’t believe the fourteen-year-old trouble maker, and her search for the truth leads to a chilling discovery: Will didn’t just witness Matt’s fall; he caused it. Which means Matt’s still in danger even if he wakes up.

Hannah needs proof, and that requires getting close to Will, so she follows him to summer camp in a disguise so un-Hannah he’ll never link her to Matt. Besides, a girl can’t infiltrate Will’s inner circle.

But a boy could.

It’s the perfect way to expose Will—as long as he doesn’t expose her first. Because if she gives away her identity, Matt won’t be the only Davies taking a fall.

“Revenge” meets “Twelfth Night” in A BOY COULD, a 72,000-word contemporary young adult novel.

And, of course, I am happy to return the favor and read for any of you! Thanks!

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    • Michelle I. Mason

      Yes! If you know anyone who might be a good fit to read it, let me know. And thanks again! Your comments were incredibly insightful and made me go much deeper with it.


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