Procrastination, Thy Name Is Michelle

I’ve had brainstorming a new project on my to-do list for weeks. It’s remained there while I’ve crossed off everything around it and found other tasks to busy myself with. It’s gotten to the point of being downright ridiculous. But this is not a new problem for me. Three years ago I listed Procrastination as the first step in my drafting process. It’s not a joke. It’s a very real hump I must trudge over before I start working on a new project.

Do you love drafting? Good for you! I wish I did! Unfortunately I’m on the side of preferring revision. Seriously. Loooove revision!

I’m finding it even harder to get over the procrastination hump this time because it’s been so long since I wrote something completely new–almost two years. (Yikes!) My most recent project is a rewrite of an earlier manuscript, so although it included a significant amount of new content, I wasn’t starting from scratch. If only there were a way the draft could always magically appear on the page …

But as much as I’d rather fix words that already exist, I’ve had an itch to work on something new, and an idea has been tugging at me. It’s still a fledgling idea. I don’t have a clue what to do with it yet. That’s why I need to brainstorm. So consider this my call for accountability. I will plan out this new story, and barring any new distractions that would be a really good excuse for returning to one of my other projects (I’m sure anyone browsing my blog can figure out what would be considered an acceptable distraction), my goal will be to start drafting Oct. 1.

Considering this blog post is another distraction from the brainstorming, I’d better get to it!

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