YA Series Recommendation: Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY Trilogy

Like many others out there, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the final installment in the PARANORMALCY trilogy by Kiersten White. Since I prefer paperbacks (they’re not so heavy!), I was waiting quite impatiently in the hold line at the library for ENDLESSLY. Then a fairy godmother appeared in the form of Shannon Messenger, who hosted #StealShannonsBooks on Twitter and announced I was the winner of a signed copy of ENDLESSLY! So, not only did I get to read the book sooner, it’s signed!! It looks so pretty on the shelf next to my copies of PARANORMALCY and SUPERNATURALLY.

Anyway, on to the recommendation. If you haven’t read this series, go pick it up now! The beauty is it’s complete so you won’t read SUPERNATURALLY and–like I was–think, “I have to wait a whole year for ENDLESSLY?!” This series is amazing, and it has everything to do with the main character, Evie. I love her voice so much, probably because she reminds me of Buffy. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘Nae, child, I am no wee beast.’ The air tasted like charcoal as its voice slid out, high and smooth and ageless, momentarily shocking me even more than the fact that there was a dragon hanging around behind the trash cans. It talked. Well, of course it talked, Evie. Because really, what kind of self-respecting, trash can-scrabbling mythical dragon wouldn’t talk? I was equal parts terrified and annoyed. But at least the dragon didn’t smell as bad as unicorns.

Then again, unicorns were herbivores.”

I read with a perpetual smile on my face. I could follow Evie’s adventures forever, but I understand why Kiersten White says she’s ready to move on.

Why should you read this series? A kick-butt heroine with an interesting fashion sense. A different take on vampires, werewolves and everything else that goes bump in the night, plus some inventive new paranormals. A unique love interest with lots of kissing. A story of friendship, family and love. A satisfying conclusion that’s unexpected yet inevitable. The better question is why haven’t you read it already?

I’ve kept spoilers out of this post, but if anyone wants to discuss the finale in the comments, I’m up for it!

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  1. Deb Marshall

    I am triple yes-ing this recommendation, Michelle! A great pic indeed. Speaking of kick butt heroines. I just got Heather Brewer’s Soulbound in the mail. Hoping for the same time of female lead and from what I have heard she will be!


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