Battling A Review Slump

I’ve been reviewing books here on my blog since its inception in 2012. When I started out, I was writing middle grade books, and I made a point of reviewing a middle grade book every week. Over time, my review priorities have changed. I shifted to reviewing more young adult books than middle grade–although I’ve always tried to keep my reviews on Mondays for consistency. Several years ago, I introduced a mini-review feature, and it’s become the main way I do reviews since my own book release date has gotten closer. It’s just easier to post short reviews on Instagram and compile them here when I’ve written several.

I don’t know what the future holds for reviews on this blog, but I do know I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment. It’s not the first time this has happened. I keep lists of the books I’ve read each year here on the blog, and they link to the ones I’ve reviewed. Sometimes those lists will have ten or fifteen books in a row with no reviews. And the thing is, it’s not necessarily because I didn’t like those books enough to review them. Sometimes even though I do really enjoy a book, I either have so much going on in my life or in my head that I can’t muster the energy to write reviews. I feel bad when that happens because I want to support other authors, but at the same time I know there is only so much each of us can do in any given day or week.

So, for now I accept that I’m in a review slump and anticipate when I’m ready to get back to reviewing books I love again. What I expect will happen is I’ll read something that will get me so excited I can’t help but gush about it, no matter how crazy things are. Looking forward to that! And who knows? You might still see some reviews from my kids again.

Also, in other news, my new website is coming very soon! My existing reviews will all still be on the new site. The reading logs I just mentioned above will no longer be pages. I’m going to convert them to blog posts since they aren’t very popular anyway 😉. Working on the new site has helped me figure out what is most useful to my blog readers.

Okay, I’d better go find something amazing to read…

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  1. Mark Murata

    I’m glad to find someone who is still blogging. So many are just using instagram and other visual media, instead of writing in paragraphs.


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