Dear 1995 Michelle

For the month of September, I participated in daily prompts on Instagram and Twitter with other members of of my debut group, the21ders, to introduce ourselves–and books, of course!–to the world. (You can also visit our website,, for info on all the amazing books coming out next year!) The final prompt of the month was: What would you tell your younger writer self?

Honestly? This very long journey has made me into the writer I am. So I wouldn’t change anything. But since Jenny in YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DELAYED jumps from 1995, I decided it would be appropriate for this prompt to address my note to 1995 Michelle. As a frame of reference, 25 years ago today, Michelle would have been in the fall semester of her senior year of high school. Okay, that’s just weird talking about myself in third person. I would have been in the fall semester of my senior year. Here goes…

Dear 1995 Michelle,

As much as you love romance novels, you are not a romance novel writer. Sorry.

But go ahead and write that romance novel anyway, because you’ll learn from it.

And send it to agents without letting anyone read it. You’ll learn from that too.

I know it’s scary to let other people read your work, but other writers are the ones who make you better and get you through this very long journey.

Even though you’ll be an adult by the time young adult books really start exploding, READ THEM! That’s where you’ll find your writing rhythm.

Most of all, have patience. And DON’T GIVE UP!

2020 Michelle

What would you say to your younger self? Any key words of wisdom?

The month was full of fun prompts, starting with introductions and following up with everything from favorite writing snacks to book soundtracks. Below are thumbnails of some of the posts, but if you want to explore them fully, click through to Instagram (this link will take you to the first post of the month)! I also had a few videos I’m not able to include here.

I already have some ideas about things I plan to expand on further here on the blog based on these prompts, but if there’s anything you see that you’d like me to blog about, let me know!

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