New Release Date for YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DELAYED: Sept. 7, 2021

Heads up, readers! There’s been a bit of turbulence, and the release date for YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DELAYED has been… delayed.

YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DELAYED will now be arriving in bookstores—or on your doorstep if you pre-order!—on Sept. 7.

While Jenny’s story takes place in a non-COVID world, the publishing industry still exists in the real world, and printing delays have been a reality all year. But good news—it’s only a delay of two weeks, not 25 years!

So be prepared to return from your Labor Day festivities (if you’re here in the United States) ready to pick up your copy of YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DELAYED and get lost in Jenny’s world. Now arriving from Bloomsbury YA Sept. 7, 2021!

For those of you following my countdown, I’ll be adjusting that to accommodate the new date, so look for my next feature on Aug. 7.

In the meantime, keep in mind that the best things are worth the wait!

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