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On Wednesday, Kip Wilson Rechea tagged me with the Inner Peace Award. Thanks, Kip!


I was going to respond next week, but then I decided to rearrange a few posts and figured I’d go ahead and do it today. The rules are to share seven things my blog readers don’t know about me. I had to check what I’d posted the last time I did one of these to make sure I didn’t pick the same seven.

1. Since I’ve posted about two books set at camps this week, I’ll share a camp story. The summer before sixth grade, I went to GA (Girls in Action) camp. At the time, I had a small blood blister under my eye that the doctor said not to worry about. Well, when I woke up the third morning, I couldn’t open my eye, and although I don’t remember all of the details, there was a lot of screaming involved due to the fact my face was completely crusted in blood. Yep, it burst in the middle of the night, and anything on your face bleeds a lot. So, all my sleeping stuff was ruined, my counselor thought Freddie had come in the middle of the night, and my parents got a really fun call, but it turned out all right. I stayed the rest of the week and later had the blister surgically removed.

2. I grew up a music minister’s kid, and I was not the rebellious one (that would be my brother). It seems appropriate to mention my faith in this post since it’s about inner peace, and that’s where I find mine.

3. I’m a bit of an organization freak. My books are organized in alphabetical order by author, then by date within the author unless they’re part of a series, in which case they stay together. Movies are the same way, except I have the animated movies separated out for my kids to find easily. I’m constantly re-alphabetizing those…

4. Have I mentioned my sweet tooth here? Maybe cupcakes have been mentioned…but I’m actually more of a pie girl. My favorite is my mom’s homemade chocolate pie. But no fruit pies. I don’t like fruit at all. Maybe I should have saved that for a separate point.

5. I overthink everything, which is not the best state of mind for a querying writer :). I’ve gotten better about it, though. Wait, an agent who has my MS just tweeted. Is that about my MS? Of course it is. I should have … no, I really am better.

6. I am terrified of wasps and will squeal like my 3-year-old when I see one. I have never been stung by one, but my grandpa was so allergic he had to carry around an EpiPen, so I’m irrationally convinced I must be allergic, too. Any of you who follow me on Twitter may have gotten a hint of this last week when I had a HUMONGOUS wasp in my bathroom–of course when my husband had to work super-late and it was likely said 3-year-old would see it and have a breakdown. Despite my husband’s oh-so-clever idea to throw a wet towel at it, I was not able to vanquish the wasp. (Can you believe he wanted me to get close enough to squish it after I knocked it down?!) He took care of it when he did finally come home. My hero.

7. Although I love baseball (Go Cardinals!!), I really don’t get any other team sports, and I dread the idea of my kids getting super-involved in them. Tae Kwon Do? Gymnastics? Dance? Totally on board. Soccer? Not so much. Too bad my 5-year-old is starting next month. Guess I’ll have to get on board.

I feel like this turned into confession instead of fun things you didn’t know about me, but oh well. I’m passing this on to a few other writers. Tell us all your secrets! Or don’t. My feelings won’t be hurt either way.

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  1. kiperoo

    Oh wow, that is one creepy camp story! And I’m hoping my children prefer dancing and swimming to cold outdoor team sports too. 🙂


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