MMGM: NIGHTFALL by Shannon Messenger

It’s been a while since I’ve written a review on the blog. My life has been a little consumed by Pitch Wars, and I now have my manuscript out in agents’ hands, awaiting their verdicts. But I did pre-order the Barnes & Noble special edition of Shannon Messenger’s NIGHTFALL, the latest installment in her Keeper of the Lost Cities series, so I thought that would be the perfect book to jump back in with a review.

If you haven’t read the first five books in this series, you should stop reading now! Even the description for this book includes spoilers for the previous books, as will my review.

Okay, if you’re still here, on to the description.

Nightfall by Shannon MessengerSophie Foster is struggling. Grieving. Scrambling. But she knows one thing: she will not be defeated.

The Neverseen have had their victories—but the battle is far from over. It’s time to change tactics. Make sacrifices. Reexamine everything. Maybe even time for Sophie to trust her enemies.

All paths lead to Nightfall—an ominous door to an even more ominous place—and Sophie and her friends strike a dangerous bargain to get there. But nothing can prepare them for what they discover. The problems they’re facing stretch deep into their history. And with time running out, and mistakes catching up with them, Sophie and her allies must join forces in ways they never have before.

Here are the five things I loved most.

1. The crushes – Okay, so I am way too involved in the love lives of these fifteen and sixteen-year-olds. In fact, my nine-year-old and I got into an argument about which team we were on. (Yes, there are teams.) But that being said, I love how well Shannon Messenger portrays the confusing emotions Sophie feels toward the boys and how she sorts through them. It’s so authentic and how I remember feeling at that age. And if you’re wondering, yes, even though the characters have gotten older, the romance part still sits firmly in middle grade.

2. The twists – NIGHTFALL is the sixth book in this series and so you’d think Ms. Messenger wouldn’t be able to keep surprising readers, but she continues to come up with new twists in every installment. I was pleased with the new turns in this latest book, and I can’t wait to see what she does in book seven and (maybe?) eight.

3. The special bonus – I ordered the Barnes & Noble special edition in order to get the bonus section from Keefe’s point of view, and it was so worth it! Granted, Keefe is basically my favorite character aside from Sophie, but I loved how it showed a different side of him.

4. Amy – I loved that Sophie’s human sister was a part of this book and how Sophie’s relationship with her added another layer to her character. It was fun seeing the elvin world through her eyes.

5. Ro – The ogre princess is an awesome addition to the cast of characters. She’s hilarious and also brings a new dimension of understanding to a species the elves have only seen a certain way up to now. Love her!

Every year I’m dying for the next book, and then as soon as I finish it I wish I could somehow force myself to wait longer so I wouldn’t be anxious for the next one as soon as I finish. Because, of course, this book ended with another cliffhanger. Although it wasn’t as bad as the end of NEVERSEEN. I might never forgive Shannon Messenger for that one :). Okay, I do forgive her since she fixed it in LODESTAR, but still. I have a total love-hate relationship with cliffhangers.

What about you? Have you read NIGHTFALL yet? What did you think?

Responses to “MMGM: NIGHTFALL by Shannon Messenger”

  1. Natalie Aguirre

    I haven’t kept up with the series, but it sounds like Shannon has done a masterful job with the character development and plot twists. Not easy to do in such a long series.

  2. Patricia Tilton

    I read NIGHTFALL and loved the 800 pages! Didn’t want it to end. Excellent review. I haven’t written mine yet and have hesitated because I don’t know how to get around spoilers. I’ll admit I got tired of the Sopfitz and Sokeefe relationships. But, teens will love it! I’m hoping that someone like Tam becomes a contender. If you think about the Potter series, the similarities are interesting. If Sophie was created for a purpose and Keefe was groomed for a purpose by his mom — there has to be something positive or negative in the ending. That’s as far as I can guess with this story. But, I hope we hear more about Amy and she reappears. Great review!

    • Michelle I. Mason

      Ha, yes, there was a lot of relationship drama. I doubt she’ll throw Tam in the mix, but you never know! I can definitely see some Harry Potter inspiration. And I do think there’s something more to Keefe with the way he can manipulate her emotions. Looking forward to seeing where that goes. I also hope Amy returns in a future book, although I expect we may have to wait until book eight. Who knows how many more there will be?

      • Patricia Tilton

        I hope lots more! I know she has an idea how it will all end. But, as her readers are so hungry for more, the characters and the story continue to explode in Shannon’s mind and they may have a long life. After all, elves do live a long time! 🙂


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