MMGM Series Recommendation: Real Mermaids Series by Helene Boudreau

Hey look! It’s only been two weeks and I have another MMGM!

This one is thanks to my Disney World reading spree. I read the first book in the Real Mermaids series a few years ago, but my local library didn’t have the second book. I requested it, along with the subsequent installments, and finally read that second book last year. But then my reading list piled up, and I didn’t finish the others. When I was browsing the ebook section of the library to stock up for vacation (it’s much easier to carry a single Kindle than several physical books!), I discovered they now had the last two books electronically, so I was able to finish the series on my trip. Yay! To avoid spoiling, I’ll only include the description from the first book.

Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe RingsFreak of nature takes on a whole new meaning…

If she hadn’t been so clueless, she might have seen it coming. But really, who expects to get into a relaxing bathtub after a stressful day of shopping for tankinis and come out with scales and a tail?

Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever.

Jade soon discovers she inherited her mermaid tendencies from her mom. But if Mom was a mermaid, how did she drown?

Jade is determined to find out. So how does a plus-size, aqua-phobic mer-girl go about doing that exactly? And how will Jade ever be able to explain her secret to her best friend, Cori, and to her crush, Luke?

This summer is about to get a lot more interesting…

Here are the five thing I loved most about this series:

1. The premise – I know there other mermaid books out there, and certainly other books where a girl finds out she’s not who she thinks she is, but this one felt different. I think it has to do with how Jade doesn’t embrace her new identity with arms wide open. She’s a reluctant mermaid, and yet she does what’s necessary to help the people she loves.

2. The awkwardness – You get a glimpse of the awkward situations Jade encounters in the description above, but the part it doesn’t mention? She has to call her dad into the bathroom to help her, plus the whole thing is related to female issues. Talk about embarrassing! And something like this crops up in every book.

3. The friendship – Ah, the ups and downs of friendship in middle school and beyond. Jade and Cori have to navigate everything from changing priorities to mean girls to figuring out when to take sides in a friend vs. boyfriend debate. They work through it all in a sometimes sloppy way but remain friends in the end.

4. The mysteries – In each book, there is a mystery Jade has to solve in order to save/protect people she cares about. Jade’s a reluctant detective at first, but midway through the series she becomes pretty adept at following the clues.

5. Jade’s growth – It’s interesting to see how Jade changes as the books progress. She ages during the story from middle school to high school, and she matures as well, learning how to judge people by more than surface appearances. She also becomes more confident in herself without completely eliminating her insecurities. It’s a very honest portrayal.

Who else has read this series? What did you like most about it?

Responses to “MMGM Series Recommendation: Real Mermaids Series by Helene Boudreau”

  1. Greg Pattridge

    I have not read this series, but have recommended it to many mermaid loving friends and relatives. My niece enjoys the fantasy element and dreams of someday being a mermaid herself – or better yet – writing a story about them.

  2. Andrea Mack

    I’ve read the first one in the series – it was a lot of fun! I can see how they’d be appealing to girls. I liked that Jade wasn’t totally comfortable with her mermaid nature and was exploring to find out more about herself.


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