1 Month to MSIOY: Places in the Book

I know everyone else isn’t keeping track of dates the same way I am, but today is Aug. 20, which means My Second Impression of You releases in exactly one month!

Every month leading up to publication, I’ve been giving a backstage pass into the book. So far I’ve covered:

When I was writing Your Life Has Been Delayed, I incorporated a number of places that really grounded the book in St. Louis. My Second Impression of You is still set in the area, but it’s a fictional suburb, and it’s a bit more of an everyplace, although St. Louisans will still recognize references Maggie makes to places like The Muny, which inspired her love of theater. Side note: I would have loved to have Maggie struggle at the Many the way I did on a scooter with my own broken foot, but alas, this book takes place outside of the Muny season. Please enjoy this photo of me and my best friend at Footloose, scooter and all, in 2019. As I recall, it was a few days before my surgery.

But back to MSIOY–because I wrote most of these as more universal locations, you could basically go visit many of the places in this book almost anywhere you live. Okay, maybe it’s mostly the U.S., but I bet even if you’re international you can visit this first one…

Starbucks – It’s the scene of Maggie’s heartbreak. She goes in expecting a promposal from Theo and gets dumped instead 😭. Then, as she’s texting and walking down the steps outside, she breaks her foot.

If you want to get really authentic when you visit Starbucks with your copy of My Second Impression of You 😉, order a mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino and a chocolate chip cake pop.

Urgent Care – Now I don’t actually recommend you make a trip to Urgent Care, but it’s Maggie’s second stop in the book and also quite a universal place. (Do people still go to the ER? I guess when it’s really serious, God forbid.)

After the urgent care doc gives Maggie some very unwelcome news, she also gets a follow-up appointment with a specialist, which leads to a surgery center, which leads to her clicking on a certain link when she’s still woozy…

School – High school may not be exactly the same everywhere, but the drama of going back after a breakup should be familiar to many. Add in the complication of trying to navigate school on crutches and finding out–oh, spoiler. Preorder the book!

Town fair/carnival – As she’s coming out of surgery, Maggie receives a text offering her the opportunity to return to her “best day.” She chooses the day she met Theo. The majority of Maggie’s best day takes place at Bridgeport Days. Maybe you know the sort of carnival I mean–they drive into town with the rides and food venues on the back of big trucks, set it all up in a local park, and open for business. You either buy tickets for rides or a pass for the day. Local businesses and organizations have booths you can visit. The food’s all junk but tastes like nostalgia and summer. If you take MSIOY to your local carnival, look out for a Ferris wheel, Skee ball, a dunk tank, and check out the shows!

Mini golf – Who doesn’t love mini golf? Please don’t raise your hand. I’ll just be sad. Aaanyway, both Theo and Carson are competitive golfers, and there’s a key scene in the book where Maggie tags along to mini golf (want to guess with which boy?)–on a scooter. Incidentally, there’s also traditional golf.

A theater – Because, of course, Maggie can’t stay away from the theater, even with a broken foot. As to whether she’s performing or observing (or both?), you’ll have to read to find out. I bet you can find some sort of theater wherever you are, and it’s the absolute perfect place to take MSIOY!

Aside from these more universal locations you’ll find in the book, Maggie also visits a couple of restaurants, but I’m pretty sure those are only local. I can’t wait for you to read all about her experiences!

As a reminder, my preorder campaign is now live. Preorder from The Novel Neighbor, Main Street Books, or Left Bank Books for a signed book (you can also come see me at one of these stores in September–see details on my events page), then submit your receipt to receive a bookmark, three character stickers, and enter for the grand prize drawing, which includes a stuffed unicorn, theater mask necklace, and Best Day Ever hat. Receipts from other retailers are also welcome. All details at http://bit.ly/mysecondimpression. Thank you for your support!!


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